I am pharaoh Akhnaton
king of Thebes who moved to Adocentyn

I have been remembered as Moses leading the Hebrews

and, beyond, remembered as Phaeton
or Orpheus
or Oedipus

My totem is Thoth, God of Naming, Writing and Law.
Beyond Mont Hermont
he was named Hermes.

In celebration of my triple name,
Europe recalled me as Hermes Thoth Trismegistus,
Until my repression blackened your memory.

But I have raised again my name from the sand


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This site is dedicated to the identification of
the patron of the Alchemists, Trismegistus,
as Akhnaton, remembered under several
other names
during our civilisation.

This identification has been established by Z.Kelper after S.Freud and I.Velikovsky, and then confirmed with F.Yates and A.Osman,
plus numerous corrections of negative arguments.





is also studied and discussed in a group