NOTE Where Code, Desire and Evolution Meet

An email-list thread about the possible cause of childhood disorder
in fatherlessness came to this possible statement :

I was supporting the idea that the repression of the collective knowledge about Genetics was likely to cause the absenteism of fathers AND child disorders - while other points of view expressed a relation : 'absenteism of fathers THUS child disorders.'
So Steve summarized my position as such:

The 'causality' that William speaks of must include in it's scheme :
the genetic knowledge he speaks of,
the 'repression' of this knowledge,
the behavior of fatherlessness,
and, the effects of fatherlessness

I could not say better, and this wonderful stance allows a formulation that will certainly be helpful, thanks to Lacan too.
We know that Lacan got (at least part of) his inspiration from the Saussurian foundation of Linguistics - which expresses the meaning (Significands) as a series which covers (circulates over) the meant (signified).

In introducing a rotation (instead of a simple circulation; fig.above) Lacan consolidated a notion for the metaphor (which rallied at the same time the notion and art of Memory, with the freudian constant of the father-murder).

It can only be in such a link with a memory theory that Psychoanalysis may claim for an authority (from its theory as well as from its praxis) upon causation and ethics (aka 'change'). So, for instance, it enlightens, for an understanding, fatherhood in our present time civilization.

Of course, this may be the mother's knowledge, for the best ; whoever carries it - it may be evenbetter with Artificial Intelligence - this is what Steve shows :

That the repression is at the Agent Place, the formation of the Ideal clearly shows.

More advanced is this ambiguity that must be present if mankind is facing the understanding of narcicism (we may wonder how the overpopulation could be without effects on present childhood) - for - if there is such an ambiguity where father and child are indistincive in the present casuistic, it leads to the mother's role.

In this second position,
the Behavior means 'disorder in the Name of the Father'
which consists as the Mother's desire

(which products the genetic knowledge)

This little exercise recalls how a true casuistic is difficult the conclude - but possible to describe. In the child disorder we may find three causes : the biological state of the society, the absenteism of the father, the desire of the mother.

What is in cause - repression of the 'Y' (repression of genetic knowledge) or absence of the Father's Name in childhood ? Where a third party may offer an answer is not new. It was already shown when the rooster solves the enigma of what is first between the hen or the chicken.
This logic is known a borromean, in a lacanian point of view.

By this example with genetics, the formation of code is depicted (at least introduced)
and thus the process of Evolution.

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