In 1960 the Parisian J.Lacan presented a model which integrated
Cybernetics to Freud's original Psychoanalysis,
It also tied in their research with Athens and even earlier,
with the first, monotheist, organization of Western civilization.

Lacan's model - titled Optical Model - describes the knot and circuit which links up Social Identity with Productivity of Enterprises (it theorized an algorithm shaped as a "Z" which intertwines inner and outer dimensions of Plato's Cave)

Lacan's Sociology
(when cybernetics makes a mirror
which closes Plato's Cave)

Lacan's algorithm

A glimpse of the relation between these two diagrams (easy to cath by professionnals)
can be found in the animated representation of the sociology of the environment:

addenda (for technicians who are familiar with Freud's & Lacan's models):

Freud also illustrated the social dimension of the human industry with a diagram.
In accordance with its background, it is possible to retreive Freud,s model in Lacan's.

Freud's model (1912) of
human social system

Superimposition of  the lacanian
(cybernetics) and Freudian models

It is also possible to retreive Freud's intuition of a social ecology, since his definition of an "exterior" matches the actual identification of an ecosystem when cybernetics replace the ancien system of "ego-ideal"

Freud's dynamics  of
ego's identification

Ecological notion of identification
as a mirror itself
(meme, semblant)

These modelisations show that the 20th century has gradually established
a social model which eventually applies to environmentalism.

It also proves to be related to the traditional archetypes of civilization.

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