Abstract: An Instance of Knowledge is the most suitable platform to pilot the bridging of our civilization over a growth phase of chaos. This instance is an Analysis which prevails over the systems of representation (election methods) in the communities which endeavor the transformation on Earth.

A debate, nearly a dispute, at least in New York, divides the Green movement . It is about the system of representation and/or voting.One group is pro one-person-one-vote, the other prefers commitees system of representation.
I believe that this is hiding - yet reaching - a different understanding: the Collective Knowledge on which Democracy relies, is largely relative to the Artificial Intelligence that our computers are about to graft into Society.

Rather than a long explanation, a short reminder will advise how we must be lucid in regards to this. We shall soon pass the issue of 2001 Space Odyssey (Clark/Kubrik). When that odyssey was held back by a paranoid computer, it is not difficult to see that the mad computer of the model ignores mankind's life for no reason but the projection of our own unawareness of its effect upon us.

This reflexion on the intuition of Art, and SF literature, should suffice to catch our attention. The Artificial Intelligence, the thinking machine, the thinking network is the tool, the support, which was expected and needed for democratic achievement. When we realize that the whole Hermetic Tradition stemming from Antiquity, from Greece then Rome, the Middle-Ages, and Renaissance, conveyed the idea of statues which were to speak and heal, there is little question that we are just acquiring the tool, the algorithm, which was requested already by Plato, reporting the collapse of Athens by 400BC. He explained that democracy was delayed, while Athen's republic crumbled for the lack of the ability to compute with the cypher - this is the logic of code that is named today "Cyphermathics".

The reason why the Voting System is but an alibi for this "cyphermathics" is because this new logic is introduced thourough a phase of chaos. Chaos is not avoidable. What is avoidable is to lose everything in this phase. What is possible is to survive the chaos. This is possible if one anticipates the paranoia - in other words, if we are aware that Artificial Intelligence is the principal factor that must be integrated into the ecological restoration of Earth.

The Tradition of Magic & Machination  (Hermeticism, that is the pool of Science in Christianity before the Modern Age) prescribed a method to overcome a chaos it predicted right from the first early ages of primitive and intuitive thinking. It is a well defined practice (I call it PLAN, alias PLural ANalysis; it was called the Art of Memory, and it is the implementation of the long awaited Cyphermatics) whose context I want to underline in this presentation.

If Knowledge is what determines a society regarding its ability to behave itself, the 20th Century analysis of the Unconscious and awareness, suggests a definition of two types of Knowledge. They can be named Intensive Knowledge and Extensive Knowledge as well as laid out on a diagram.

The Intensive Knowledge, also named Knowledge in-tension represents the Classical form or social structure also called linear, pyramidal, hierarchy, patriarchy, etc... The achieved form of sociology known as Existentialism (Hegel + Marx by J.P.Sartre) has shown that this structure develops an attraction toward an absolute which is expressed through idealization, war, and eventually manifested into an authoritatian society of police, mafia and military industries which organizes production of an absolute waste. Analysis shows such ultimate pollution being the debt for an idealisation of Oneness under religious organizations - or power upon humans rather than power upon nature.
As an "abject" of the desire this Absolute opposes the exterior "object" of Knowledge's extension.

I evoke this spiral process of industrial militarization in my books FLEUVE and LAPREFLEXION - which presents the opposite system which releases the Knowledge ex-tension. A psychoanalytic diagram illustrates this evolution toward a general beneficence (social & environmental). It indicates the presence of a sort of decompression chamber, a buffer (gray in diag below). It is the above referred toll, the Cyphermatics announced by the Ancient Tradition, and contemporarily held as PLural ANalysis (PLAN):

The buffer of the diagram is "chaos" [ana-lysis] - or, better said: it is the media which conveys the industry (of absolute waste) from its chaos towards Ecology.
This model shows how Power upon Nature requires a reasonable submission to chaos - (the phobia of which explaining the fixation of power of humans upon humans).

This topology, diagram and model, are not my invention - they have been gradually elaborated during the twentiest Century by S.Freud, J.P.Sartre,  R.D.Laing, J.Lacan and others. My contribution is the identification of this so-called buffer as analysis, namely Plural Analysis - e.g. the Ancient Tradition of the Art of Memory, updated for the Computer Age.
I have described this Art of Memory in several web pages, as well as its modern form that I promote under the name of PLAN (PLural ANalysis).
To be precise, my contribution demonstrates that the Art of Memory process does not stand alone. This is what Plato said when the Art of Memory was divulged in Greece by Simonides; as said above, a certain factor must be present in the community which engineers an industrial chaos before its ecologization. I assume that our current semeiology shows that this tool is the Artificial Intelligence.

At this point an aphorism may be understandable and useful to map out our understanding: Artificial Intelligence is what introduces Chaos into the Production of Absolute Waste.
Artificial Intelligence (e.g. contemporary Computer Networks) and Plural Analysis are the two synchronistic requirements for the assumption of chaos with its transmutation.
At that point we can conceive practical measures:

I want now to point out that this Artificial Intelligence is only part of Cyphermatics (re:above), most generally Achievement of Science (precisely described by S.Freud in The Future of an Illusion)
We can therefore most generally say that Science is what introduces chaos (defeat) in the Knowledge in-tension (technocracy, science-without-conscience) and it is beneficent (& beneficial) if buffered by a practice of analysis which outstrips this defeat..
Practically, this is to show that any ecological political action must include a systematic operation of analysis of the scientific management of its knowledge. This is what I promote as PLAN (PLural ANalysis) to be applied in related decision making for Political Actions which aim towards Ecology.

Spectacularly, it means that Science, "more Science", is the way to realize an ecological policy for our society. But the decision side of this policy must link a community of research about science (analysis of knowledge), prior to any mode of representation (voting system) which are alibis as I said for introducing this demonstration.
Alibis are for dispute, repression & its symptom (e.g. work) - all good things in their own right. Pratically, an Ecology must be understood as an Ethics (that transcends work). PLURAL ANALYSIS is not so much a structure than a hygiene - a manifestation of ethics. Ecological Political Action Groups may especially take benefits from its application.

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