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eMail Psychotherapy


If there is intelligent life on the Internet, it is a place for Psychotherapy

Beside its development of PLAN (PLural ANalysis) and its researches
on collective memory, history, ecology and industry of Code,
CYBEK offers
Individual Psychotherapy

1) Send email

2) Register for a free consultation with Dr. William Theaux

3) Payment is then agreed and due for each session, by Credit Card


EMail psychotherapy is less well known - however is has been practiced successfully for several years. Dr. Theaux is also experienced in voice/telephone session. His Psychotherapy can follow three possible modes: live meeting, consultation or session, telephone and email.

The web allows you to check style and reliability of the therapist. Some results of Dr. Theaux are presented on the web. They indicate an advanced psychoanalytical background, and remarkable research results.

Payment is made by automated secure Credit Card. Average of three messages per week are send to the psychotherapeut - length and content to the choice of the client. Each message cost $30. Every three messages an answer is sent back.

EMail Psychotherapy is an economical, convenient and
confidential solution to many modern needs and situations

Reduced price may be considered according to your personal situation
For a more detailed or personal protocole, request at wtheaux@club-internet.fr

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