When the Name-of-the-Father was the only way to Track a Gene.

As generations go by, since each individual transmits 50% of their dna to their child, the individual genome disolves in the genetical pool.

The schema shows the sharp decrease of the presence of a gene through the generations.

Actualy the genes which dissolves from the lineage, are replaced in a turn-over of the genetical poll, Yet, after a limited number of generations, a parent cannot recognize their heir, but only as a  brother/sister within the species

There is an exception to the 50% decrease rule

For the so-called male-gene (Y chromosome) is transmitted 100% from male to male, its gene surfaces in the polulation - it can even be tracked along father-son lineages.

The male body constitutes its marker, its tracer - and a continuous lineage of male carries the same Y without decrease.

The schema shows males and females in different colors. It emphazised the presence of the 'Y' (red dots), especially, when the knowledge of the biological father draw the line of this 100% transmission.

Therefore a particular phenomenon occurs when the collectivity super-imposes a Name to the father-son lineage. From that moment, the gene itself happens to be named - even if it remains invisible; in which case this name prevades the Unconscious.

The schema shows in deep color a 'Family Name' which re-marks, or under-line a male lineage - that is the permanence of the Y chromosome, otherwise invisible in the pre-high-bio-tech of the present turn of the Millenium.

Once a collectivity applies the transmission of a name from-father-to-son, since the law of parenthood are therefore determined by a genetical-based system of social naming, this rule of transmission, alias Patronymic, alias Family Name, alias Name-of-the-Father, operates like a super-determinant within the genetical pool. A soft genetical engineering is thus created. As a matter of fact, such an effective gene manipulation has bee operating so far, along Civilization.

In comparison, today, Genetic Science and High Tech run a hard genetical engineering which enables the people to intervene consciously within the genome (and turns the Patronymics super-imposition into obsolescence).The prime effect of the legislation on artificial insemination (anonymy of the sperm), which was ironically, done in anti-cultural ignorance, happens to open the way to an Universal Nomination, when each citizen will be endowed with his/her genetical card and history.

See the right for the children to know their genetical history - see conservation of dna

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