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From the Letter : to the Code :

Human identity proceeds from the Logic of the Letter (alias Logic of Significance) to the Logic of Code - a movement which has been illustrated as the alternative between the initiation of the Letter and the discovery of DNA.
It is an individual as well as a Social  and Collective movement.

This  Social Representation supports the super-imposition of the Freudian  opening of the science of the space called Psyke as a Collective Psychological phenomenon.

Here is the Schema of Sociology :

and here is its super-imposition with the Industry of Genetics comparison

This Model has been identified as the Psychology of Democracy

Democracy happens when the inhabitants of Plato's Republic are identified by their Code (i.e. named according to a Logic of Code) - it can be illustrated as such :

This illustates Plato's Cave occupied by the genetic identity of the community. The beings, once attached in the Cave are therefore able to move and to consider their Code within an ecosystem.

It is a Classical Model of Western Psychology which integrates in its Modern version the factor of sophisticated and High Technology (Cybernetics, Genetics, Ecology)

Optical Model alias Democracy & High-Technology

This psychology depicts the process of naming the genes (Name-of-the-Father) which imposes a Super-determination of Social History.

Reciprocally, it deciphers the DNA code (i.e. series of Articles, series of Genes) as a linguistic process.

This schema shows a model of DNA regulation super-imposing a description of human psychology.

It has been presented by Lydia Torasi, working with Jacques Lacan upon her Genetical Model of the Unconscious.  

Such connexions suggest that a Psychoanalytical Model can be applied to the scientific representation of DNA - thus indicating a possible Ethics for Genetic Engineering.




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