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in Responsibility Veritas

--------theory for beginners
-----ethical point of view
-civilization for today

was not Magic, it was Science of Magic.

Do we beleive we are so smart
We have renounced the Middle Ages Art

And that starting from scratch
We climb the Cosmic Arch?

Or so smart that we see
that what is forgotten is at work
and that Hermes TripleMagistus
the repressed of Magic partonizes still
blind slaves that we be.

The very Art of Science of Magic began when the beam of Aton
meaning Sunset in Aegyptian
caved in to Dusk

Trismegistus forgotten the Industry began

When we shall bend in darkness
to see galaxies
Robotics that Alchemy prophetisized (statues which speak and heal)
and Genetics that Orpheus himself could not depict
will be attributed to the Aegyptian King, Patron of Alchemy

© William Theaux 1949-1999