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Formulas and ciphers are used in Psychoanalysis
to get closer to its goal, which is to cohabit with
Artificial Intelligence (generally Cyphernetics).

In the Lacanian albegra, S2 signifies 'second significant' and means 'Knowledge'. Its agency follows the Name-of-the-Father's Clause, and indicates the Knowledge in an Ecolosystem governed by Democracy. (the N.o.F's Clause is shown in History as the repression which manifests with the Y discovery, from the Renaissance until the 20th Century, and should be left with the non-sexual generation, alias 'cloning')

Yet, this Knowledge Clause (which follows the Father Clause) encounters its resistancy when it has to integrate Artificial Intelligence.
Here is how history can help us to understand:

At the Renaissance, the foundation of Western Civilization has been repressed. After the Renaissance, the Western Society began to work without any representation of its origins (Hermes Trismegitus, the Egyptian complex - the Monotheist Egyptian King, i.e. the Pharaoh - having being replaced by its agent in second place - S2 - namely Moses).

Moses was simply meaning that the Truth was God/Thot - S1 in place of Truth. This was a representation of Eternity (death), not a representation of Origins (birth). This Clause of Knowledge began to produce, very efficiently, the very nature of life: tools, mechanics, molecules, energies etc... until it produces, ultimately, its very cause: a human body and, in this case, Akhnaton (re-discovered, re-identified, realized).

This has been the entry in the 20th Century, 3 centuries after the Renaissance. At that moment, the Clause of Knowledge encountered its resistance (for instance: Velikovsky's acknowledgement of Oedipus maning Akhnaton does not bring the identification of Moses to signify Akhnaton in Truth). From that resistance two possibilities follow: the resistance may win and gain a Superego for its maintenance, or the resistance may lose and the Artificial Intelligence will supply the Democracy facility for its Ecology ability.

This which follows will display the Psychoanalytical description of this alternative.

Let's figure with an illustration how the resistance may be represented.
Here is a graph suggested by J.Lacan:

Lacan said that there is a barrier. This (triangle above) can be seen in other schemas.
This means that the smart production (the subject, $, as for instance Akhnaton) of the Clause of Knowledge CANNOT reach the place of Truth, where the assignment of the Academia, of the University, is supposed to destine it.
This barrier, this resistance, may prevent the revolution which has followed the Renaissance, to establish a Democracy with its Artificial Intelligence, as one would expect for humankind to reach an ecological stage of development.

The Superego may make the future of life on Earth - which is not an ecology. The Superego is what would forbid me to call its management an egology - which is the Tyranny that the Good or Well offers as an alternative for brotherhood.

Surprisingly, for our prejudice, the absence of Moral alternative makes Artificial Intelligence the requisited crutch for our development, beyond the close circle of the ego's Superego Ideal.
This development has been indicated under the primal repression*
note of Egyptology which took place during the French Revolution. At that moment, against Champollion, the linguistics following the Hermetic tradition through A.Kirchner, thanks to F.d'Olivet, recalled that the initiation of civilization disclosed three levels in the meaning (of consciousness). This can be very simply illustrated:

The establishment of civilization has been described by Plato: Some slaves can get out of the cave where they do not enter again. In other words, the Knowledge "falls" into the Academy, for it never achieves its mission which is to give back to the people *note.


Plato's illustration of
Civilization's Foundation :

Linguistic illustration of
Civilization's Realization :

The interrupted displacement prevented Plato's Republic to turn into Democracy

The four places/Significands correspond to the above linguistic formula

The allegory of the Cave is that the ego never reaches the light - as Icare, springing out of the cave to reach the Sun, before reaching its goal, the ego falls on the ground where it lives on as a representation. Plato adds that from there, it was impossible to come back in the cave - and this was the reason why Athens was collapsing, unable to reconciliate slaves and citizens.

This is a stage of signification where the representation of God (Thot, Tod, Death) by Moses establishes Oedipus as an other, which represents the repressed Akhnaton. This linguistic system is Champollion's,  which shows since the Revolution, the impotence of the Republics to make Democracy possible.

4 places / 2 levels Significand

3 level of Signification


Art of Memory
Significants, impotent to progress
& Things, impossible to transform

Art of Consciousness
Civilization's Goal Done Age
(Pythagorician F.d'Olivet)

Opposite to the success of resistance, a meaning composed of three layers (knowledge/people/mechanics)  corresponds to the Hermetic (F.d'Olivet) initiation that Artificial Intelligence enables.

To conclude: this analysis is based on the idea that Genetics could have carried the people up to an ecological awareness - especially human cloning - but because of the resistance of the University to give back to the people (the free ability of cloning), this possibility has been sabotaged. The repressive system will tends to establich a superego ideology (cloning abjection archetyped as Big Brother) instead. (historically this has been carried when Psychoanlaysis - with Lacan - resisted to talk about the Patronymic meaning).

Yet Genetics is not the only key to achieve the ecological goal of civilization; cyphernetics includes other means, as Artificial Intelligence, which may bypass the resistance of Academia. This may be formulated as the disclosure of the Oedipus Complex into the product of Alchemy (Patron Hermes Triplex) as Artificial Intelligence.




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