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Author : Zenon Kelper

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A few years ago - when I came to the current English speaking country where I live - I contacted the Rosicrucian association - for I remembered a book I read in France, before being exiled, which was published by a "Rosicrucian press".

The book was an important one - which came to crown my researches. It had been written in 1945 but only published very late (perhaps 1992, if I remember well). When I contacted the publishers to have more information, a brief answer told me that the author - Savitri Devi - had recently died, and that it was confirmed by the French Consulate in Calcutta.

It meant several probable things : it was somewhat agreed that Savitri's master piece were to be published only after her death. And she (of he?) was somewhat affiliated with the Rosicrucian congregation.

A short time after. I left France and nearly all my books and documents, and I entered a land where one prays to the Goddess of Freedom before one steps in. I contacted the Rosicrucian group of that country for I was longing to read Savitri translated.
Perhaps was it that I presented myself in what I was doing -anyhow - I was answered that they did not know who Akhnaton was, they never heard of such a book, nor of Savitri.

A few months later I found Savitri's book, published by that Rosicrucian Order, in English, and available at

The Rosicrucians have never shown me any regard for my work - they have always shown hostility when I approached them. The Bahaiis, who are claiming that they announce the unification of  religion on Earth, have treated me and my work like a piece of nothing. The academics have muffled my research under the cover they usually confer on the rabble, and the Psychoanalysts, since Freud wrote The man Moses, have all the rights of the Inquisition...

This is why I write to the young people, the little ones, who are learning.

I shall give some excerpts of Savitri's Son of the Sun. She (he?) was quite naive in a way - she described the young Akhnaton and his education in a very childish manner. She also ignored that Akhnaton did not die in Egypt (she ignored all of Moses and Oedipus); yet her view is full of intuition, and childishness is no deprivation - her words are simply, immensely, increased when the true identity of Akhnaton, Moses, Oedipus, Hermes Trismegistus, is disclosed.
My selection below emphasize the political, international and intercultural aspects of the Akhnaton's spirit. It mentions less the exceptional ecological content of his message, although it may clearly be a revelation for the Western mind jump below.

Before we read Savitri I just want to make notice that the above referred sects of the resistance are not improper. As Savitri says, the motion, the drive, the inspiration of Akhnaton, is beyond and includes the current forms of religiosity and academia. There is thus no hope to reveal it in the current state of civilization - it is very true that it may only be after the Day.
The Aton means the sunset, the end of the day - Autumn, a-tonal - it is to take place after the bright day, after the very bright people have taught you.

Here is what Savitri  has written - thanks to the Rosicrucians, the French Consulate, Freud and the Egyptologists.

Excerpts from Savitri Devi


..There is one point which none of the great doctrines of the passed three thousand years have touched, and that is the question of the application of their own principles to the practical life of nations, and to international relations. The reason for this is probably that, with the one exception of Akhanton, none of the initiators of new thought in the West were kings...

...The fact that the promoter of the Teaching was the ruler of a first-rate military power, with foreign possessions and vassal States - colonies and protectorates, as we would call them nowadays - and that he put the spirit of his religion in action on an international scale, is of great importance...

...No great Western teacher has done so, save Akhnaton. None could do so, for none had the power to make peace and war...


Savitri quotes Sir Flinders Petrie : ""If this were a new religion invented to satisfy our modern scientific conceptions, we would not find a flaw in the correctness of his (i.e., Akhnaton) view of the energy of the solar system. . ." "He (Akhnaton) had certainly bounded forward in his views and symbolism to a position which cannot logically improve upon at the present day . . .""

Savitri continues : . . . Petrie put special stress upon the scientific accuracy of the Teaching and upon its rational value. We add that the truly universal love it implies is equalled only in the religion originated in or borrowed from India. So much so that - putting together the kindred seers of the East, sons of one same civilization, and taking them as a whole - the great idea of the unity of all life an brotherhood of all creatures seems to have had two parallel exponents in antiquity, and the world two everlasting teachers : India and Akhnaton. . .


. . . We are living in a period of transition between an old and a new spiritual order . .  an epoch in which for the second time, the East and the West . . . have come in contact with each other . . . They feel the need for a common faith that would become the basis of their future collaboration . . .
None of the living creeds professed west of India to-day is sufficiently comprehensive for a thoughtful Hindu to look upon it as fit to be ranked with his own religion . . . None can match Buddhism and Jainism in the reaching of universal kindness; none can match Vedantism in the conception of the divine Reality . . .
Yet - . . . The faith of the wold cannot be any particular faith linked up with a definite tradition . . .If any creed is to unite them all to some extent, that must be an extremely broad one, with which none of man's deeper aspiration will clash . . .
. . .It seems difficult indeed to find a historic figure uniting to the same degrees he (Akhnaton), the complementary qualities of what we may call the two poles of human perfection : uncompromising logic, and boundless love ; rationality and intuition - serenity of Greek . . . earnestness of East . . love of glorious life in flesh and blood, at the same time, the tranquil indifference of the saint . . . No man deserves more than he the double homage of the two great sections of mankind : the individual admiration of the West; the respect of the East.
And the one powerful country of the world in which dynastic Sun-worship is still to-day the State-religion - Japan - could hardly fail to recognize the supreme beauty of a nature-loving, Sun-centered Teaching


. . . The more we examine Akhnaton's Teaching, in the light of thirty-three hundred years of history, the more we are convinced that it is  the perfect religion in search of which the Western world is still groping without being able to re-imagine it.

. . . We believe that no faith could respond to this expectation better than Akhnaton's worship of Cosmic Energy. . .
. . . The hour has come for the age-old injustice to end. It is the duty of the modern man to challenge the judgment of the priests, . . . to undo what they have done, . . .to proclaim the glory of the most lovable in men ; to teach the children that are growing up to hold Akhanton's name sacred, to look up to him as to their own beloved King and, above all, to live in accordance with his Teaching of life.

Written in Calcutta, May 1942 - New Delhi, 24th January, 1945

After the mid-century when Savitri wrote,
much more has been understood
about Akhnaton's historical identity;
that gives even much more power to her vision.

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