The Meeting between Memory and Environment

PLURAL ANALYSIS is a group management technique which finds its origins both in a fundamental ancient tradition Goto the Art of Memory
and in the most advanced sociology goto post-Renaissance Science & Industry .
The ancient tradition was the 'Art of Memory', and its renovation took place from 1985 in Lyon, France, by Dr. William Theaux and the Association UNEFPE .

PLURAL ANALYSIS is used with 5 to 15 participants, for research or corporate groups,
It operates as a Knowledge Management with special emphazis on external relationships.

Pic10: Application of PLAN
The principle of Distributed Extraction induces short absences
from the group which keeps its autonomy and continue its work.
Members of the group also keep their self-identity.
The leardership is not challenged but anly obsolete patterns are evacuated,
while individuals enjoy privacy and the group gains an environmental acuity.

This method acts doubly - on the behavior of the participants and of their group itself,
it provokes the resolution of internal and interpersonal conflicts,
and opens the group's awareness towards its external environment.

It also acts in deep, in the social structure of the meeting and its work,
for it regenerates the dimension of the Social Code, which is invisible to the group itslef.
The scientific study of this method show interactive socio-ecological processes
that may greatly amend product and productivity of the group.

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