What is Art of Memory

The Art of Memory, was said to have been invented in the Ancient Athens by a poet named Simonides. It was later transmitted to Rome by Cicero.
It has been rediscovered in the 20th Century by the historians who showed that it was a leading philosophy of Hermeticism until the Renaissance.

After the Renaissance it became a means at gaining access to the lost origins of human creation, rather than some transcendental state.

During the 20th century the Art of Memory underwent a further shift, when Cybernetics (Artificial Intelligence, digitization of Reality) brought it up to Ecology as Memory.

During this maturation it reciprocally merged with Psychoanalysis.
It is named today PLural ANalysis.

The Ancient (Athenian) Art of Memory, as attributed to Simonides, by Cicero

Compare with PLAN and see what is the difference/improvement

It is currently admitted that this myth depicts a linguistic model. Between the initial Art of Memory, as given by Cicero - and the later (PLural ANalysis), the Renaissance is a hinge. From the effects of printed writing on society, up to the computerized letter of Cybernetics, a common illustration - Kirchner, 1650AD & Lacan, 1960AD - attests this link & lineage.

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Great Art of
Light & Shadow


Sociology & Cybernetics

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