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Group Analysis for Enterprise Management

Cultural development, creativity, Investigation, research, Performance, integration.

Features also include research visit Ecology program , therapy and conselling visit eMail support , and training programs visit Training programs .

CYBEK's Prinicpal Tool is PLURAL ANALYSIS, aka PLAN



Social awareness in regard to global environmental change and human development depends on
the quality of the notion of History.
The knowledge of the past perfects its option for the future, when it knows its reflection tool;
this is History taking into account its psychology and sociology.
It is usually known as Psychohistory, i.e a psychosociology which applies the Art of Memory see more information on the Art of Memory ,
which is applied in the industrial world as PLURAL ANALYSIS, aka PLAN goto PLAN's description page .


PLAN goto PLAN's description page is a group management technique, which understands the Environment (social and natural) as the Unconscious.

It is part of the ongoing development of the New Technologies Enlightenment,
and harmonize the life of the Psyche with the industrial transformation of the Society.


From the Renaissance, when the New Science goto New Science description began, a certain number of formula have been developed ,
until reaching the achievement of an integration of Machines & Nature (this is known as Cybernetics).
It is a platform for an Ecology whose formula are activated by PLAN goto PLAN's description page .

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