What is D N A f o u n d a t i o n

" d n a f o u n d a t i o n . c o m " is the name that CYBEK chosed for its web site,
in order to represent the Logic which begins to dominate our industry.
A same " L o g i co fc o d e " manifests through our new technologies. Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Expert systems, Genetic Engineerings; all share a commun rule. As we are biological beings, we mention the DNA at the first place.

The Logic of Code is in process of prevailing upon the former Logic of the Letter.
Hierarchy and Identity are implemented with a new value.
During this transition, the 20th Century has developed formula for controling such incoming system. They apply to spare accidents, mistakes and disfunction where communities operate themselves upon their code. One of them is

D N A f o u n d a t i o n is the media that CYBEK employes for promoting PLAN on the Internet.
It represents the Logic of Code implementing its control over its effects.

Noticing that Psychoanalysis has acquired knowledge and experience in the science of meanings, code and language. CYBEK uses its benefit for the Industrial and Economical society. The control of the Code with the Art of Memory and, today, PLural ANalysis, is made available for the community.

DNAfoundation offers information and contact for PLAN goto PLAN page , training goto Training page , email support goto eMail page , theory pages goto Theory pages , memberhip goto Membership page . It serves individual and groups, social entities as corporation and research centers.


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