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Author : Zenon Kelper

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 My doctor is serious, because he beleives in an Extraterestrial Watch Entreprise. Yet in the doorway, he says: best would be to discovered that eksternal power coming from inn-side, from Home.

He showed me a sign coming from another Space Time - at least from Ancient China. He says that the Eksternal Watcher would see it.

This [V/] is the sign of the ships,
that a SUN/MASTER would see
coming from the Water [Y] to HIM - according to a legend from alien source.

I know it also myself from inn-side - in the Genetic Field

Admitted that a gap flaw-like is the
challenge for the ideal nucleus,
in the center of the CELL, that
the environment opposes to it -
this is what Torasi draws.

The environment is like a flow where the peripheral elements are combined with the narcisistic relation, to animate the code - DNA - of the nucleus - the CENTER.

Torasi showed that how this was processing a linguistic vehicle - the letter - according to a circuit where the Lacanian Optical Model is clearly recognizable:

Torasi's linguistic model of Genetics offers an alternative prospect to compare with the outspace explanation for the evolution of human on planet earth.

The Vehicle (Vessel) of Identity is given to the Primal Significant of our Self, by the Letter produced along the DNA natural processing.of the Environment.


For our/the body itself (the organism) must embed this pattern in order to mean it (as for instance the genetics of the Y is manifested at the body level).

This is what the following will show.

The formation (the ability to form) of the Letter can be seen at the body level as it is at the genetical level.
At the level of the organism (body level), the head on the body is like the vessel on the water - as the vessel is the letter off the water, le head is the letter off the body.


This potatoe looks like a cloud that Michel Angelo would have paint in the Sixtine Chapel - actualy it is a brain.

But the fhollowing image which looks like a skull, is a body - that is clear with its limbs:

this is a body

It is clear that this body can stand on its all four

It looks like a body on its all four, but it looks like something else

Actually, it looks like a head

This has shown that the head being like a body, makes a letter off the body, like a vessel of water.

One can say that the head makes a letter for the head of the body.

Recently I've been read that R.Steiner says that the jaws are the legs - not the arms. It is very good - I can see that also; yet especially good for it shows that I am not the only crank who think about those things which should interest the dentists as Laws of Memory should interest historians. The study of the representation of the body for itself should interest people who study aliens and alien nations, as the study of psychodysleptics should interest psychologists.

Whatsoever the little attention that an average reader shows for this, shows what is the stuff of mysticism - e.g. THIS - which is part of the repressed within religion - see religion (religion put Soul and God in place of DNA and Head).


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