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Author : Zenon Kelper

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I often flip, horizontaly and sometimes verticaly, my schemas, for I started with Lacan's Optical Model. Thus when I superimposed Freud's Crowd Model I had to flip it. I could also flip verticaly Torasi's Matrix Model (Tree) in order to show its superimposability with the Chinese-or-Alien Letter. I had previously flip her circuit and she asks me, if I know, why.

I can only say what I mean and only thenafter will it be possible to see if it is an interpretation or a relationship, if I speak words in mirror or backward. Religion is involved there, as Torasi's schema shows what lacks - that I call a flaw-like.

Here is beside Lacan's Model, Torasi's, that I flip to superimpose the "S" and the "$" of the two schemas - it is not different than the choice of the way Rotation rotates.

The "lack" in Torasi's is what is animating the sociology from Republic to Democracy - it is related to Religion as it is questionable if there is a Template in the Genetical Pool (G.Pool).

I identify the Lacanian Autre, Alter, Other, with the G.Pool. Yet I may not agree with his assumption that it is divided (as the crossed-out Subject, $, may be). It may be disintigrated, dispersed, disseminated (E.Durkheim said porous), pluralized. The compactness of the G-Pool is a condition for a possible Ecology - if it is ruled however under a lack , being the impossibility for the G.Pool to encode, but via the circuit of Naming, in the distorted way that I show there:

Genetical Pool & Circuit of Naming, acheiving an Ecology (coding, DNA)

list of



This schema shows the activity of PLural ANalysis.
The figure of Lacan's model is also visible.

In PLural ANalysis, the analyst and the patient - as Castor & Pollux of the Art
of Memory
known as being-for-Death and no-Us (Antinous) - operate as the Vase and the Real image in Lacan, alias Clone in Torasi ; while the complete illusion  (flowers in vase) is mounted as the coumpond of the analyst's memories of the sessions

The following graphic will help to understand this comparison

I have been asked to make more precise the notion of absolute (Sartre/Laing) with what I identify the Lacanian Autre in fact (totalitarian results in Lacan's teaching). The compact G.Pool (re:above - foundation of Ecology) may be the absolute in the Goddess idealisation - the Name-of-the Father - naming the Y gene, induces an analysis as explained in on the following table:

The semantic of Ana-Lysis

Ana (Greek) means up, upward, in excess of. Lysis (Greek) means  loosening - dissolution or destruction of cells as well as gradual subsiding of the symptoms of an acute disease. The above schema shows the process of Naming which follows the Absolutisation of Religion, until it reaches an analytic ability. From that moment a lysis divides the identity (bringing chaos in the Letter principle - i.e.Religion), while uplifting towards a subjectivity.


Once elevated up to a subjective objectivity - the identity enters a lack (summarily refered as Castration Complex by Psychoanalysis) alias the void of ek-sistence.

Those remarks about PLural ANalysis are related to religion. If we look at religion(s), it or they, seem(s) like ways to remember somtehing. For instance, we may forget that God exist, so we make a mass to remember. If we look carefully, religion(s) seem(s) to be a reminder of something which lacks. We miss our ancestors, we miss God, we must not forget that.

If Religion is so closely related to memory, the following piece has its place on this page,

This is from the Psychoanalytical field - but I must say what my Doctor has heard being said.

Psychoanalysts make the most resistant core of the resistance - they are very proud to be so dark. They are so dark that they are stupid. They analyse the Psyche where they discuss if there is a libido or not - they say it could be a penis envy without testicles, so afraid they are of hormones. They hardly understand what is a topology even when they roam in Lacan Fowl. Even when they are supposed to study Code, they don't consider the DNA, even not the Y.
Most of them ignore Torasi. And ignoring any cyberlogic in hormone and drugs, they study Freud's psychology without reckoning Freud severe use of Cocaine during the foundation of Psychoanalysis, and later his severe Morphine use. They don't consider the relation between the drug and the theorisation.

It is alarming that one should give confidence to such careless scientists. Their negligence make them inquisitors or charlatans.

It would be like historians who would not study the Laws of Memory - as physicists studies the Laws of Natures. Who can beleive that?! Only studying the Renaissance, one can admit that doctors have spoken of the Cosmos without stating anything about the Law of Gravity.
It may be shocking but we must admit: today, our historians do not consider anything about a Law of Memory. It is incredible - one can hardly beleive such a stupidity. Yet it is a fact.
This fact can be proved for there is a psychoanalytical school which begins to study the Law of Memory. They are called Psychohistorians - aa some of them who claim they are the best, THE psychohistory founders - they can only theorize a psychogenesis for the Laws of Memory - which is even not a paidomorphosis - for they ignore Tim Leary - they don't want to say that Psychoanalysis has been founded by a drug addicted.

Just wait - I said to my Doctor - that the Law of the Governement applaude to the drug market - for they make no difference between politics and Universe, they will follow the governemental direction. And I said to him, No Doctor No, don't speak about this - better speak about the Church Sacrements, they are moral, and one should not leave this things without the spiritual control of a certified Book.


Otherwise it is dark - Bye for now!

A well defined repression took place after the Renaissance - it stimulated the exuberant development of industry and technologies, until it reaches a point where the repression faces its evidence.

This is shown when the signified of the Name-of-the-Father is openly disclosed (Y chromosome) and when the deny becames a negative hallucination (Badinter, Hawkins).

The clinic of the moment is shown by Lacan refusing to talk about this repression - his abandon opens to the form of mysticism called Surmoisation. It may be The future of an Illusion that Freud wrote in a book where he showed that he would prefer religion rather than this surmoisation. We don't know what will happen when we shal realize that it is even easier to make

artificial incubation

than clones - who even see what does that mean? - but Reich, Wilhelm, with his magnetism.




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