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Cybernetics - Academia define Cybernetics as the science of the relation and their control between machines and living beings. As a science (Aristotelian species) it is a virtual, illusory construct and ideal reference. As a fact, it is a composite of ist coding effect (cyphermatics, digitization of the Real, creation of DNA as well as foundation of the Significant) and its ideal reference (so-called above). See the graph which illustrates Cyphernetics bellow.

Cyphernetics - simply understood as auto-feed-back process - see also bio-feed-back. It consists as any auto-intervention on one's own regulation system. It includes Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Genetics, Toxicology (brainetics), etc... The Regulation of one's own regulation require a special logic - otherwise the center of control, the reference, get lost in a relativity phase. This Cybernetical logic is first provided by the notion of cypher, zifra, zero in Mathematics - it differs from the Center of Mass which is logicaly conceptualised as One; it is Plural. It is the base of a Logic of Code.

CYBERNETICS as Cyphermatics + Cyphernetics

Ecology - does not mean love for plants. Means the interactivity between living forms on earth - alias the setting of their reflection as Code, e.g. the entire genome of the planet. Nor does Ecology means stability - if so, it is a very relative stability; for generaly it means change. Regarding Ecology, an Ethics will look for this change as evolution. This is why Ecologists are those who are looking forward for mutations in the environment. Compare with such an Ecologist who activates Genetic Engineering, an Ecologist who looks for the conservation of  a species is like a stamp collector compare to a postman. We must only remember that postmen must deliver the letters at correct addresses.

HAMO (HAMOO, AMO, or AMOO) - the core of's thesis which stands
for Hermes Trismegistus = Akhnaton-Moses-Orpheus/Oedipus

PLAN - acronym for PLural ANalysis, Plural Analysis or Analyse Plurielle in French.

CYBEK - Stands for the name of the company CYBEK of New York, which develops PLural ANalysis (from 1997 on) after UNEFPE (in France from 1985 on). The name 'Cybek' has been coined by W.Theaux in the novel : ALPHA.

Denial - the necessary first step on the intention of Psychoanalysing. The approach of the repressed causes a swift closure and a symptomatical compromise (for example Freud's penis-envy or his Moses - another example is Velikovsky's cosmology). Understanding that this symptom is the way to release the complexity of Truth, is to begin to understand that such denial is not shamefull or prejudiciable to Psychoanalysis.

Sembland, Meme - The fifth concept in Psychoanalysis, also one of the only emergent concepts in the 20th century, repeating the attempt during the Renaissance to describe a Center of Mass (Galileo). In Genetics it is the gene, in Optics the grain of the mirror, in Philosophy the look, in Psychoanalysis itself it is the ego ('me') when it reaches a certain identification ('meme'). Sometimes I call it _Seeming_ or _Saming_ . It defines a Logic of Sameness. It is many times mentioned in the sites: as a principle for a Collective Logic - as memories anchor - as [to be continued]




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