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Author : Zenon Kelper
first ed. 97/04/12 - cur ed. 98/07/10

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Artificial Intelligence in 1998 is something which is building up in silence as if we were not interested in knowing that within a few years, it will often be impossible to distinguish relationships from being with a machine or a fellow human - thereafter an interaction with machines will dominate our present level of human intelligence.
Fortunately, it is
- and will be - possible to ignore this matter of fact which will impact deeply our sociology; it will reduce scuttling risk. For the rest, as for a first consequence, the Social Link is made visible. Another modification regards sexuality. These factors has been combined with Lacan's Psychoanalysis, which allows therefore the third consequence, e.g. to achieve an Industry as an Ecology.

NOTE: Beside the present analysis in , another site goto CYBEK's presentation of PLAN supports its practical application. It allows to continue this investigation with an historical overview or to investigate directly how to improve work place and practice


Prosthesis for the shize (Idealization)

Narcissism (and its surplus)


The new crowd with robots

Trine Social Link

Optical metaphor for the Social Link


To comprehend how Artificial Intelligence (Cyphernetics) intervenes in our life & environment, PLAN begins with the psychological relation (known as split - detailed explanation with PaloAlto model see Psychological Communication Model ) :

pic.01: A primal intersected split typifies the human psychological communication

From the founding shize (pic above) philosophy has assumed (pic below) that an indefinite repetition of the crossing (expl : you for me for you for me for you for... alias : I think that you think that I think that you think that... - See Lacan's "The Purloined Letter" below) refracts, distracts and dissipates the split into a collective cleavage, a thread of unnamed, a groove toward an Archetype, Paradigm or Metonyme, aiming towards an Absolute, Ideal (Philosophers also described it as totalization of totalizations, Politicians as Ideology, Theologians as Spirituality).

pic.02: Unlimited tension towards Absolute; described in
Lacan's Parenthesis of the Parenthesis - 1966 : me for (you for (me for (you for (me for (you for (me for you))))))

social argument for Totalitarism according to J.P.Sartre.
In the sixties Sartre's criticism was advocated by R.D.Laing's Anti-Psychiatry
 (see W.Theaux: 'For a Practical Intelligence of Marxism,').

According to Freud's theory, this is a stage where the definition of a feminine sexuality is challenged, for this Ideal/Absolute initially represents the feminine (the Big Body of the Mother's archetype) before the God of a Patriarchy. When nationalism stops supporting crowd's idealization all cultures would then collapse except for the intervention of a supplementary logic.

Course of Logic (circuit of the Letter) on Libido ring
E.A.Poe argument according to J.Lacan

for a good understanding of this passage,
get familiar with the
analytic diagrams presented as
the Optical Model - dynamic logic see the Metapsychology Model
and the 4 Discourses
see Four Discourses animated

a) Simple Logic of the Letter

When he read A.E.Poe's The Purloined Letter, Lacan picked up the analysis of a 'genius child' that Poe presents as his hero's model. In his game, the child asks his partner for a series of times, to guess if the number of objects he conceals in his hand are in odd or even number (or black or white?, or in which hand? etc... everyone know this early game in one's life; it is memorable and transmitted along generations as for a myth of subjective cognition). The psychology of this mythic game can be formulated as a dynamic logic...

The formula of this dynamic logic :

This formulation has been identified as a model for Psychoanalysis goto history of Psychoanlaysis , by Lacan who eventually used it for indicating how Artificial Intelligence could be effective in anticipating the human desire. Such demonstration begins with a psychological modelization go to Psychology page which represents how the human mind traces his reflexive loop. Then this 'Mirror Stage' (paranoiac phase and/or foundation of the human person) must be re-paired in a shortcut (which is called Knowledge [magenta pic.03 below] in comparison with Thinking [turquoise loop pic.03 below]). An animated picture presents this loop and its shortcut (which evolves with the Lacanian transference into the Internal-Eight see page on Transference ) :

Oedipian Complex (protocybernetics)

detailed explanation
with Crowd Model
see the Freud's Collective Psychology 

all pics

detailed explanation
with Optical Model
see the Metapsychology Model 

pic.03: Narcissism which is theorized as Mirror Stage and
re-pair which is identified a (human) Knowledge

In this trine situation (triple You, AKA Oedipian Complex), the breaking on the Ideal and the resulting shortcut [magenta] are due to the status of the secondary 'you' which cannot find an authentic third party to think of; this solution builds up as follow :
The only realistic available third reference being a Superego see Superego formation when a repeated loop form a spiral see the prematurity rule in Industry of Absolute Indefinity [or unlimited tension above], a silent frustration see logic of consumerism is permanently driven for a real illusion. If this is not leading a production see the alibi for a product , the secondary 'you' reflex upon itself, thus splitting up into poles from which a sexual distinction can be defined. Such libidinal solution is deciphered by the complete analysis of the function of the Letter - i.e., as some Lacanian would say, the complete Undressing of THE Woman
see The Purloined Letter completed analysis .

b) Logic of the Letter with Artificial Intelligence

Yet, beyond the Superego regime and/or the Oedipus Complex, there may be situations where, instead of a shortcut, the loop would be repeated in a metaphoric way rather than a metonymic spiral. This is the case when a Cybernetic apparatus provides the secondary 'you' with a third alternative, which gives it matter to think/see goto note  . Such refraction cascades from that point in a complete round of four loops locations, summarized in the Lacanian linguistic formula see the Four Discrouses cycle formula of The Four Discourses.:

Industrial Civilization

detailed explanation
with Time Conception
see the Freud's Collective Psychology 


detailed explanation
with Four Discourses 
see the Metapsychology Model 

pic.04: Thinking as the alienated Oedipian does
Cybernetics brings a
power two to the imaginary
relationship of dualism

The former shortcut has develop into three loops - and in this shift - from a still Narcissistic regime up to the mechanic objectivity of Intelligence - the analysis discovers see the social freudian analysis the emergence of a fourth term as Nature. This overproduction do not fail to question.
First, one must clarify the doubt that a machine (
cybernetics) should perform (think) equally if not better than its creator :
Since one usually takes so little lesson from the ennobling fact that we daily mount buildings that are much higher that our individual bodies, one have to make our mind with the humbling way as Lacan wrote following the E.A Poe report : If the Unconscious exists - as Freud described it - it is not impossible to think that a modern computer - extracting the phrase which drives an unaware subject - wins the game
[of the 'genius child' re: above]. This may be pure paradox, yet it shows that it is not for the lack of a quality which would qualify human consciousness, that one would refuse to identify thinking in these powerful machines, but simply because they would no think more than the casual human, who is in any case, driven by the Significand

Secondly, the identification of the said Nature must be explicited, after Lacan who could not reach that point himself :
By common sense, the key for this explanation should be found where Lacan declined to go. His biography shows that he stumbled against the formula of Time that his
dynamic logic was beginning to uncover, and suffered a recoil upon the Collective Logic he abandoned with R.Cailloix.
A look back on our 20th century makes easy understanding what may have stop Lacan as others there. For the genuine Cybernetics itself was halted likewise after its founder Weiner. Adaptation of machines to their environment, so that they would adapt also to their own effect in that same environment, requires a new logic, beyond the Primary Cybernetics that digitization, power and speed allow. Namely, a logic of sameness goto glossary - 'meme', 'saming' had to be defined.
After Weiner and Lacan included, this logic has been awaiting. During its latency phase, only science fiction essays as Azimov's Robots showed that the quest was still vivace; and victory was at hand when Lacan identified the logic of the Significand (sameness between the two subjects of the "
I think therefore I am")  - but Human need perception for his observation; computers at this period of time were still remarkable with their sole power & speed quality. Concrete plurality was not coming to the fore yet for theorizing further Intelligence mechanism. Only nowadays are we meeting in fact that Artificial Intelligence reckon with a network logic, a plural mass which imposes millions voices inseparable from its definition.
Once we realize that Artificial Intelligence is a process that builds up on a population - its connection appears with Nature, 'environing' the living species.

c) Formulation of Social Link

With the four terms - ' I, ' 'You,' 'Cybernetics' and 'Nature' - there is a foundation for a Practice of Ecology.  What must there be determined is where and how identifying the Social Link in this industrial compound :

The Freudian discovery of this point of mass that I call 'me' under analysis goto glossary - 'meme', 'saming' , this 'ego' (pic.04 above)
sometimes mixed up with the ' I ' (pic.03 above) of the subjective logic see the Hermetic Tradition continuing is the memory factor see formation of 'meme' that sustains these
four terms in the new industry see Freud & Lacan's schema of Industry . Providing anchors for the collective network of Social Links see Social Link in animated Freud's Model ,
the Freudian ego(s) either animates the modern crowd or builds up the above 'shortcut', also
known as 'transference' see modes of transference & their outcomes before its consumption with Artificial Intelligence see Primal Organization of Industry .

This assertion with its many html links to comprehensive schemas depicts the general situation of the Social Link see Social Link activity page , whose bifid structure is detailed below:

Note (1) :  the thread would be <I think that you think of me thinking of you for the machine sees that you see the machine seeing you etc...> (continuing and resulting in four loops) instead of <I think that you think of me thinking of you so that... see the thread of the Metapsychology Model etc...> [back to text]

When digitization (Cybernetics) affects the pace of Idealization (e.g. Totalization), the unlimited run towards idealization is reflected (feed-back, clone, duplicate) upon itself. Instead of the Lacanian Absolute Other that coerces human fate into idiocy (sic), an objective alternative between a subject and a machine builds a relationship to an Alter-Ego in a Social Link where the primal split is integrated (instead of distracted and dissipated - re: above).

This Bifida Social Link due to Cybernetics effects can be compared with the combination of refraction and reflection that Lacan's Optical Model allows, (thus providing topological laws and bringing Sociology up to Science competence - See Lacan's theorization from "The Purloined Letter" see also Freud's "The Future of an Illusion")

Social Ethics with Virtual(s) Reality/Entities
as Plato's Cave see the building of Plato's Cave turned into a lake





In this Social Application of the Optical Model, the distribution of the Social Link is shown as the refraction of an image in the water plan. It is a model for the Logic of Sameness (introducing the Plural instead of the Hierarchical) which constitutes an Ethics in regard to digitization of Reality (Genetics, Brainetics, drugs, Cybernetics, artificial intelligence)

This is leading to a practical conclusion :

In ritualizing the placement of the known entities (S1, S2, Ideal) in their optical places (Me, You, Me for.., You for..) in the computer age, PLuralANalysis represents Artificial Intelligence (Cybernetics) unfolding an ideological social order (Ideal logic) into the cleaved logic of its Social Link. PLAN therefore substrates a consciousness of the industrial (collective) action.

This is meeting civilization when it produces robots (Artificial Intelligence) with an upgrade of the Narcissic Link (Transference) shifting Motherhood into an Ecosystem..




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