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1999 - lives in Sarasota/Florida, where he creates THE VEIL, an e-book, with Zenon Kelper

1997 - Creates CYBEK of New York - sets and the conceptualization of DNAgroups

1995 - lives in New York Manhattan - sets and promotes Plural Analysis (PLAN)

1994 - New Zealand - meets Bahai Community; in USA speaks at the UN (SEAT organization)

1993 - in London achieves Hermes-Trismegistus identification - meets A.Osman.

1992 - Leaves vacant the UNEFPE analyst's function - begins travelling.

1991 - recovery of a familial support.

(1986-1992) - write approx 15 books - on linguistic and topology, on genetics, on physio-anatomy of libido, on family French legislation, on History (Egyptology and religion), on History of Psychoanalysis, on politics and paidomorphose, on Mass Psychology and production of Reality, on Ecology.

1988 - suspected of paranoia - familial and police persecution.

1986 Akhnaton=Moses hypothesis followed by Akhnaton=Moses=Oedipus thesis - Familial Biography - Theory of physiology of meditation.

1985 - Instigation for UNEFPE - Association 1901.type of the analysands of a same psychoanalyst. Foundation of Plural Analysis.

1984 - a brother enters Tibetan Lamaism

1984 - first book, titled THEAUX, addressed to Artificial Intelligence.

1983 - Jungian Psychoanalysis

1982 - Psychoanalyst in Lyon - Dissidence from family legislation.

1979 - Ph.D. Psychiatry / Paris (Dissertation: Aggressiveness and Hierarchical Drive)

1978 - a daughter born

1975 - M.D. / Paris (Thesis: Drugs and Myth)

1970 - Metting with F.Lefebure

1967 - University and Pychoanalysis (Lacanian School).

1962 - Reads S.Freud; beginning of a Psychoanalytical carreer.

1960 - Catholic High School.

1949 - Born in Paris.

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