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Author : Zenon Kelper - Editor : Leona Termini-Theaux

First Edition Aug..1997 titled PLAN and its SOCIAL BENEFIT
last update May 1998

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Mankind will not have effect on Nature except by the means of Artificial Intelligence.
The effect on Nature is the expression of the desire - which is Unconscious in its primitive state.
Mankind first focused on an Ideal - it has no effect on Nature in this primitive state.
Artificial Intelligence will drive its effects on Nature in revealing its desire

PREAMBLE : Graph of Desire and Industry :

(fig. 01) "O" is a primordial signification;
It is the sign for Sphincters (which allows communication for organisms) as well as for Cycles (which allows a conception of Time).
As Relation & Memory, Desire makes its alibi, supported by the Logic of the Significand see Analytic step : Formation of Desire .
This animation displays the synthesis of the analysed structure of life (according to Psychoanalysis).

One can identify the following steps : On Freud's Model grid, the picture shows
the combination of the Significand
[Sa] with the Code [C] (expl: Individuals & DNA) see Analytic step : Formation of Language .
Meanwhile, an Idealization
[I] imposes a serialization from the Significand see Analytic step : Formation of Science ;
it operates on the Code which feeds back its dis-order see Analytic step : Formation of Nemesis ,
thus requesting for a re-adjustment
[Will] see Analytic step : Assertion of the Will
which is assisted by the Artificial Intelligence
[AI] see Analytic step : Instrumentation of the Will

A practical example would be the Genetic Engineering that a community would impose upon itself, while secured by the Written Will of its members. In fact, one observes that conflict and a Death Drive are so intense in the human collectivity (thus the desire for forgetting a willing life), that the memory (Written Will) of the agents of our History will - probably - be kept and re-implemented, by the automatic means of an Artificial Intelligence.

The 'cycle' of fig.01 ends with an elongated  (desire) symbol,
which represents the consequences of the Collective Will see cycle/spire of productivity (industry) ,
as a
Desire, which aims toward the Ecosystem that Freud noted
in his schema see Freud's diagram of Mass Psychology with an 'x' for the 'external object' see Ecological Illustration of Mass Psychology .
This 'x' the place of Nature, which is affected by the Genetic engineering of the Human industry.


PLAN and its Benefit

PLAN is a group management which supplies technology implementations with social stabilization
In other words, according to the schema above
PLAN (PLural ANalysis) supplies the seriation process with the restoration of the will (reattribution of the names on place)
and thus maintains the social structure through change.

PLAN and its former version, the Art of Memory, are presented
in the historical site
as well as by the industrial site


While a major transformation is caused in Society by the modern technologies (global digitization; computers, genetics etc...) the management of collective activities requires special dispositions. Persons and identifications, in regard to ideals (leadership) are broken up while the reign of Nature is affected, and somewhat ordered, by industrialization. In association with Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics and Expert Systems, a group management, PLAN, can facilitate the maintenance of the social structure.
Practically speaking, since technologies of communication and even biological engineering (chemical, hormones, genetics) change familial and professional roles, individuals will find help in the reassertion of themselves (Will) with methods such as PLAN, which sustain the collective memory.

PLAN's sociology relies on a Model which locates and integrates the major transformative factor (generally called Cybernetics). It constitutes the update of the traditional Art of Memory, which has been known for controling the transformation in civilization. PLAN is also based on the Western Science of Psychology and upgrades Psychoanalysis into Ecology. It is applied by a simple technique see PLAN's description and requirement for a series of precise effects.


PLAN's Model can be tracked back from Lacan to Plato
As an Art of Memory, it restores the collective Gnose
As an enlightenment, it promotes Psychoanalysis as

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