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Author : Zenon Kelper

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During the Renaissance, G.Bruno disclosed and initiated a major improvement in the Art of Memory.
The terms to be applied on the places, were described as structured,
so (by maintaining their structure) they could operate a circulation/rotation

In Bruno's models, the Terms' structure (letters of an alphabet, set of a zodiac etc...) were thus adding on their correlative set of places a new potential of the memory function, The step was so remarkable that the historian F.Yates did not hesitate to suggest that Bruno was already describing, by the Renaissance, the first models of Artificial intelligence.

During the 20th century, the logical dimension established by Bruno, has been reinforced by J.Lacan's introduction of Cybernetics in the Freudian model. The artificial memory of the Terms' structure allow then a definition of four castes, discourses, classes which results with the use of writing (Tables of Laws for expl) in a human collectivity.

As the Alchemist's Art of Memory (early Science of Artificial Intelligence)

Lacan's formulas depict the rotation of linguisitc Terms on Places

This  motion is theorized as a blinking, or leaping process (refered to the structure of a split) alternating Lacan's two Optical phases - e.g. Optical models, phase 2 alias Psychoanalytical or Republic & phase 1, alias Ecology or Democracy.

This is ritualized in PLAN whose operation causes this circulation in the fringe of  a group, thus renewing its places and restoring the identity of its members.

In concordance with its Psychoanalytical origin (talk and memory therapy), this formulation ( Plural Analysis) reinstaure the Art of Memory divulgued by Simonides (end of Athens), transmitted by Cicero (Roma) and by Giordano Bruno, the last Hermetician at the Renaissance.




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