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Ecology must coordonate at least three domains: biological, sociological and psychological. Those three components are depicted in gradual levels:

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This primal model includes a social component within Ecology - it displays the dual relation (split) between two entities, beside their environment (pooled object) in which they initiates the structure of a Social Link - that develops into a triple layer described by Psychoanalysis.

This  developement results into a complete Model - comparable with the Psychoanalytical Model - which relates Ecology to a complex layer of duality (sujectivity), plurality (individuality) and collectivity (mass):

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Schema of Ecology - Comments - Zenon Kelper : I call 'Ecological' the step when the Environment acknowledges itself as the (Freudian) Uncounscious. It brings out a Model, i.e. a conception, for the relation between the collectivity and its ecology, which comprises the full algorithm of the individual psychology. It is a most complete Model, which eventually, integrates the ultimate product of the social logic that is Artificial Intelligence :

The following view shows the Freudian framework. The fundamental principle of Transference joins the three ontological categories (bio., psycho., socio.; alias being, indiv., mass). It pulls back the ideal of leadership (expert) to an 'alter/ego' relationship while concurrently backing it up to Expert Systems (Artificial Intelligence, alias Cybernetics).

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Politics & Plural Analysis (PLAN)

Democracy with Cybernetic

Transference connects the Ideal ( ' Leader ' ) to the 'divided' being  (male OR female).
The Lacanian schema L  ( a to a' ) shows how it unveil the role of
collective intelligence (A) as the true and direct cause of the gender's desire.

Model of the EcoSystem - summay/aphorism: From Lacan's Cybernetical and Linguistical relation, Freudian Psychoanalysis reveals itself as an Ecological Model. It shows that a practical ecology backups onto the ultimate product of civilization that is Cybernetics (Artificial Intelligence, Genetics etc... i.e. 'industry of code'). This Model (representation of civilization) recovers its political reference from the platonic postponement from the end of Athens' phase, via the Hermetic relay and work through, up to the possible achieved Democracy for today.

In other words : The hypnotical principle (low ecological competence) which animates the collective 'drive-by-leadership' can go into liquidation while the transference principle (high ecological competence) can fit out a Democracy which gets help from Articifial Intelligence.

Practically speaking - at the present time, since the first ecological shock comes as overpopulation (gender issue and/or reproduction and libido) the Psychoanalytical formulation is welcome for understanding the existence/behavior of the sexual beings in a world of hormone and genetic engineering.




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