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Author : Zenon Kelper - Editor : Leona Termini-Theaux
First Edition Nov 1996 titled DNA & CIVILIZATION
last update March 1998

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Suggestion : I have try to take benefit from the link function that the web edition allows - therefore,  several comprehensive schemas are not in the text, but may be shown in a separate window. I strongly encourage my readers to use this function for facilitating his understanding of a semi-complex matter.


To begin with a live example of Memory, I'd like to remind the reader that Genetics has probably not come in our present time without a preparation. Many of our sciences were exposed - in their prematurity; astrology, sciences of Earth, of emotions, even sociology, etc...- during previous phases of civilization, as for instance in Antiquity (Egypt, Greece, etc...) and later with Alchemy in European Middle-Ages; but the present science of Genetics - and science of the Code - was little shown by the Hermetists. One can wonder if the millenniary antique tradition of dynastic protocols, ruling of incest, etc... was not stricto sensu in early Genetic sciences - but this seems even less apparent in the history of Europe.
However, two clues may modify this perception : first, the gradual customerization of the patronymics (the sustainance of a name from father to son) - a symbolized lineage which apparently began, at least popularly, with Judaism - may represent a mass pervasion of a primal genetic engineering. Second, a specific question which was raised in the Hermetic/Alchemist field, before its repression at the Renaissance, may have indicated a complex process in operation:
The crucial attempt of a combination of Cabala (Judaic) and Natural Magic (Orphic) represented, at that time, the deepest issue of the evolution of Science. I shall try in this page to present how this union of Judaism and Hellenism may have supported the 'inapparent' Genetic relevance of Alchemy.
Yet, before this, we shall recall the opening statement of the earlier edition of this present page, which described the same purpose, but in another form :

Deciphering the inner structure of the Social Link allows to understand the relation between Code and Symbolic systems :
The logic of Code (
C1..C2..Cs) 'reflexes' the logic of Words (Significand ;
S1, S2, S..+1, S..n) written during the former (before the science of Genetics) Patriarchic Transference.
The diachronic linkage of those two logics allows Memory
This is what this page will explain:



I want to stress also the status of Psychoanalysis in regard to Ecology. Once detached from romanticism, Ecology is understood as the science, or the art, of regulation of cosmic systems in regard to their codes and code relations. It means that it integrates evolution and even transformation of the systems. Ecology is not immobilisation in the past (e.g. shizophrenia), it is change and progress. By the end of the 20th century, now that Germline Genetic Engineering (i.e. making changes in the human specie that would persist  from one generation to another) becomes feasable.  The creation, or concious mutation, of species calls for a global model which is Ecological.
By the beginning of the 20th century, mankind had the intuition of  Ethics that would govern the dynamics of this Ecology model.  This intuition has been represented by Psychoanalysis. There is no other theory in the 20th century which addresses the requisites for an Ecology.
The coincidence between Psychoanalysis and Ecology was completely disclosed in this century when Lacan showed that Psychoanalysis was equivalent to Cybernetics goto Lecture: Psychoanalysis and Cybernetics (Cybernetics being the science of the relation and control between machines and living organisms). This equivalence is thus binding Psychoanalysis to an Ecosystem which has begun to generate algorithmic digitization (robotics and virtual models of life). Yet, already from Freud's beginning, a Sociology was shown in Psychoanalysis see Freud's early Industrial Theory & see Freud's conclusive claims and requests . Cybernetics, Sociology, and a theory of reproduction (Libido) make a complete set for an Ecology; this is why Freud, in the field of Psychism, can be compared with Copernicus in the Cosmic field see data for a Historical Repetition .

You can see an animated graph of Freud's Social Model, where a central and serial oscillation (the ego) challenges, or completes, the central and monadic immobility of the copernician system.

Since both Freud and Copernicus manifested a resistance see Freud's resistance upon their own intuition, I, from my own psychoanalytical expertise, shall reintegrate the primal formulation of the former, who initially called his psychoanalysis: Analysis of the Soul.  In this page I shall use either this title (Soul Analysis) , or the usual name of Psychoanalysis. This will be addressing the ideological issue of Ecology - for so far see political problematics in Ecology , the moral organization of the Ecological world view has been confined within a conflict between cultural order (re: the social critic of the Green movement) and natural laws. In reacknowledging the Freudian theory as 'Analysis of Soul', we shall easily integrate the longing Gaia concept (as well as the traditional and Hermetic anima mundi) within an aliance that psychoanalysis achieves, in its social model, between Nature and Society.
You can see how the Freudian System integrates theses two fields (Nature & Society) after a short description of the Social Link in our present time.


A formula

but the name(s) of the Name(s)-(of Data) is data


Everything amongst information seems thus to be data, except for something added, which is the Name, before it is named. Soul Analysis views this name without a name, in an energetic field called Libido. Meanwhile, this very same naming of data has been viewed by geneticists (who have not yet quite define the field of its application - GenePool? Algorithm? Electromagnetism? Cyphermatics? etc..).
First, Psychoanalysts called this 'Name of data', ego (the 'me' in French), then biogeneticists called it meme (in English), and then again, Analysts of the Soul called it seeming, or saming (semblant in French). Remarkably, while this 'meme' was coined for the purpose of applying it to biology, as well as Artificial Intelligence, as said above,  up re:  Psychoanalysis and Cybernetics Soul Analysis was also merging as Cybernetics. Because, as an intuition, Psychoanalysis was more unaware (Unconscious), than Genetics, it was also able to advance further and faster. So, before repression might sweep down on Genetics, its  deep stimulation may come from its pair (i.e. Soul Analysis). Here follows what Soul Analysis brought :

The complex of lineage in gene physiology

You can see an animated graph which displays the superimposition of the Geneticists' meme with the Lacanian saming. Both are merged in a collective of individuals ( the mass in human specie) - as you can see in another animated graph which displays the superimposition of this logic of naming with the psychoanalytical Social Model. It shows that the Freudian Sociology assume the laws of reproduction.
It is through Jacques Lacan's resistance see Lacan and the passion of Death that the sociology of Libido began to integrate the logic of DNA. Lacan understood that the Oedipus Complex which was structuring this libido, included a regulation of the patronymic.

I wrote this in a second statement, in the earlier edition of this page, as follow :

Patronymic matches Y chromosome's lineage (perpetrated along father/son series) - see Y lineage within a population , see the confirmation of the Cohen experiment , see the Linguistic matrix of lineage - so the Name-of-the-Father of Patriarchy (family name, patronymics, Significand of Transmission) set a primal symbolization see essay about Negation of Primal Signifier in Nature (Transference abiliy) with a hierarchical linearity.


I wrote the title of my Psychiatry Memoirs in 1979, with the name of a Hierarchy Drive. It was not without knowing that Drive is to Libido what Force is to physics fields - that is a fundamental concept whose linearity I thenafter developed as serial. In this book I was describing a certain intensity in human agressiveness. With the linearity stage of the hierarchy (dynasty, patronymics) this dynamism imposes an industry, as for instance we must consider that the patronymics, which became a rule with Judaism see the confirmation of the Cohen experiment , has represented an early genetic engineering.

In this picture, the primal society is represented as plain crowd model (top, left).
Patriarchy (right) is represented, with its Y DNA line (S1, S2..Sn, red), super-represented
by the patronymics (Name of the Father) lineage imprinting the field of Nature (green).
A resulting casuistics of the Signifier upon the signified was called by Lacan Effect of Significand.


goto maingraphs



The hierarchical linearity of the Patronymics (Son of Son-of-Son... etc...= S1, S2, S..+1, S..n)
designates in Nature an invisible (microscopic) - and causal permanence (Y, see Casuistics in repression ) .
It causes in particular an awareness of Time see biblio: Conception of Time and a
memory ability(e.g. Unconscious).
It also turns back effects towards the Social order
as follows:
The Father's Name in Nature reapplies the Logic of the Letter on the Significand
When genetical knowledge and engineering extends the limited 'Y' lineage designation (Name &Social Security Number) up to the whole genome (Genetic ID &Genetic Identity Card), the former filiation (hierarchy & patriarchy) culture endorses a new logic (gene seriality) which is similar to general Cybernetics. Such new so-called serial logic - Logic of the Code- provides the system of Democracy see Social logic in/of Democracy .
In other words :
The linear logic (Patriarchy, linear Transference) reflecting (with patronymic representing)the XX-XY transmission of the Y chromosome becomes a serial logic ((Ca, Cb, C.., C..n) series - See J.P.Sartre, R.D.Laing in Lapreflexion). In correlation, in regards witha genetic engineered society, the Significands (S1, S2, S..+1, S..n) become Articles of Code (Ca, Cb, C.., C..n). and the complex folding see Ethics of social link (social link see The 'splitted' social relation instead of linear transference see Transference before seriality ) of the Social Link supplies a social system running an ecology.

The picture shows 3 evolutionary stages in society, after a primal Model (Prehistory; up left, re: 1)) - passing the Patriarchy phase -re: 2) where patronymics superimposes its order upon the genetic pool. The third stage is an Ecology stage - while Society (Socios) order develops into a digitization (blue- genetics), its presence in Nature drives its code towards environment itself (represented by the tree in the right-bottom diagram, where Freud's model designates the external object see Freud's original schema ).






When identification in Nature is based on Code (instead of Symbol/Names), the correspondant industry is Cybernetics (e.g., Genetics in biology, Artificial Intelligence in computing) -it means also a society which assumes Genetics; i.e. driven towards an Ecology.
This situation is often misunderstood by industry managers and their advisers who destroy the environment of the workers See the resistance of Pr. W.Th. .
They would take better advantage of their intelligence if  they address the fading of the Patriarchal Ideal, by the application of an 'industry' - which was known as Art of Memory in the past, when science intended to transform Nature into gold rather than waste.



Once its repression is released, one can recognize Alchemy in its state of contemporary Science. Ceremonial Magic see organization of Hermetism , for instance, was known for developing reflections within populations see mass acquisition of writing . This combination of operations upon the Form and the Code, was typified before the Renaissance's halt as Orphism & Cabala, by Pico Della Mirandola :


Thus a practical Cabalist... is performing a rite similar to the natural magician intonating an Orphic hymn - similar, but more powerful, because... the Orphic hymns have no power unless "the work of Cabala" is added to them.

excerpt from Pico Della Mirandola's work analyzed by F.A. Yates see Yates' report on Hermetism

Although the logic of the above statement may be pondered, the clear idea revealed by the historian's analysis of the Renaissance shows that there was an attempt  to combine the processes of Orphic characters (aka signs in actual linguistics) with Letters and Numbers of Cabala. Beside the fact that this combination was claimed as being a re-combination, which was giving the historical sense of Christianity see Pico's practical Christ , it pertaiins to this page since we recognize the combination of Code and Significand that characterizes the present elaboration of Ecology.

This shows that this ancient 'science' re-emerges in a continuous and harmonious development of science during 3000 years of civilization. The reintegration of the building stones of the past - memory - enhances present awareness. It is especially interesting as it reinforces the thesis that the Genetic ability of our society must be assisted by Artificial Intelligence see SocioEcological Model . The historian, Frances Yates, shows in her magistral work that beside the divine ability to create species, which was held as religious purpose by the Hermetists who dared not yet to endorse the project, their Alchemy was nevertheless endeavoring to conceive 'artificial brains'.
The synchronized unfolding of the foreseen Artificial Intelligence, with Genetics of DNA today, confirms the good probabilities that they will work together to overcome the  natural human limitation.

A one

In the early edition of this page, a conclusion opened toward practical measures that our society should consider, if it realizes that the new conditions of an industry of Code (Genetic Engeeniring and Genetic Algorithmics) ask  for measures in our social regulation. It is also possible that the process of transformation will continue to proceed without any need for more awareness in masses - advanced considerations either will not do great harm. I was thus writing:

For addressing the structure of Cybernetics and Logic of its social link, a specific group management is advisable in a collectivity. For instance, an Art of Memory is indicated for that which acquires power and control over genetics. With this Art, collectivity stands for the primacy of Collective Knowledge goto the Significand of Knowledge - it is thus defined as Democracy see Republic in computer age ; its genetic identity is sustained under such a modern version of this Art, as PLAN see Development of Psychoanalysis .
A two

More interesting than a bold statement may be a genuine and unresolved question. There is a link between the above said development of an industry of code (from Patriarchy to Ecology), and the anatomy of the human body, which carries within itself the ability to reflect such production (industry). What is this link? It is satisfactory to know that the Representative logic (Code-Significand) implements Nature with an ability to comprehend itself see Political representation of Environment - yet it would be even more practical to know what partakes of the human body for this enterprise.
As did other research, Psychoanalysis looks at the neural functions see Freud's foundation of Psychoanalysis in this regard; and it has been quite unique for including the sexual processes. With the commun sense which guided Hermetism, it easily deduces that a specificity involving the anatomophysiology of the sexual organs is related to the ability of acheiving a science - notwithstanding a science of genetics. But it did yet not reach a comprehensive thesis - and even advanced topologists can't seem to present any idea, even suggestions, regarding this question which causes stupefaction.
I have presented the question in a chapter see Oedipus and the Sphincter of my work which remains totally not understood (since it is a question..:).

A three

One shall find more comfort in concluding with the easier development of which A. Verdiglione re: an Historical Psychoanalyste inspired me, when he simply said : "things fold, and fold over." It carries the meaning. in French, of falling back, or even withdrawing - which is a good thing, to a certain extent, for signifying the continuous recession and burying of things in front of our enlightenment.




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