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Author : Zenon Kelper
Editor : Leona Termini-Theaux - last edition 98/09/11
2nd edition Kelper 99/0913

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The text/pictures on the black background below ( in the full version) present the first edition of the page. It is an attempt to clarify and break through the inhibition of failure that Freud then Lacan encountered when they engaged in the description of the Superego.

What is Superego? The Superego is that which manifests through coherent, moral and rational commands, yet irrealistc since they surpass what the ego with the 'id' are really able to do (or not do) - as an example: Thou shall not commit adultery is often not applicable in many social cases.
What causes the Superego? In the space beyond the mirror of the Optical Model, a box does not show its content (its back side facing the mirror - see also the Cave). This can be compared with a blind-spot, a hole in the social fabric (the reality network, the fabric of the significations (significands) which mirror the Real). Since such place and/or its content are severed from the fabric of reality, what emanates from it is unconditional (without link, negociation, comparison). In Freud's system this hole holds the dead father or messiah who as been murdered - and whose murder is not remembered or articulated by the social fabric (guilt etc...).
Different is Lacan's view; he considered that there was life in this reserved area - where he saw the special mini-group (see the tree-faced icone) which is the Oedipian family. From an early child point of view, a family is so restricted and independant from the rest of the society, that it seems without links with the collectivity. Therefore, later, the rule that it issues seems to emanate like a voice from a hole (no attachement/continuity with the social surrounding).
From these two perspectives, in the Freudian view, the ghostly voice is the voice of the collectivity (the primitive father had little to say since he is dead, and even his fate had reflected the society). It is all the oppositve in the Lacanian view since this voice cannot come from the society (since it is founded in the separation from it) - (see Fonction de la Psychanalyse en Criminologie).

It is also possible the use the Four Discourses formula, where this 'black box' area is allocated to the place for the product. After Freud (the product is the murdered father) and Lacan (the product is the Oedipian family), PLAN allows theorizing that a living human body can be there (as we say that a professor, a president is a human product of the society). This is possible with Durkheim's sociology which integrates the professions, social roles and functions as the significands of the social fabric. The voices of the professor, the president etc... are therefore superegotic, unavoidably they are severed from the reality.

Freud wished that his discovery could be applied to the production of the society - Lacan also suggested that transference could be used in order to disclose the irrealism of the professional delivery of truth. They both failed and the academia is still unable to evaluate the real origin of the Oedipus Complex in front of the population. PLAN also predicts this failure, as long as a human is living in the product place, he will compromise with the counter-transference of his pair.
It shows also that there is
a fourth is clear that the progressive apparatus of Cybernetics can occupy the product place as sus-defined. In this case a new circuit is allowed - as the diagram below illustrates: transference then does not bounce (counter-transference) but passes through the analyst and invests what Freud's diagram had identified as the exterior object, which can be recognized today as the Environment. So, when Cybernetics is in place of the product, Psychoanalysis develops and ecological logic (instead of the ill-logic of the Superego).

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Freud first theorized a complex in a 3 dimensional set (aiming to an 'n+1' dimension). Thenafter, still before the realization of Cybernetics, Lacan showed on the scale of Human Desire (a), the  manifested AGENT as SuperEgo. This is the formula of the a-subjective materialistic tyranny.  

comment : ...this schema is very similar to the position of Transference (which bridges Society and Nature) ; however this Clause of Knowledge set the superego (instead of the Code of Democracy) - this de-idealisation of the Absolute happens when S1 (expertise, Master Significand) is held by a human figure (imago) - in other words, when the system products an 'expert', leader, artificially (see the formation of a Furher) instead of Artificial Intelligence (Expert System).

Here is a second explaination of the schema (sus) of this superego's setting - where the Republic suffers because of the Resistance of Psychoanalysis:

Four Discourses (Lacan) applied in Freud's diagram - comment : At this place (AGENT) the disorder is mate with/to ALTER - it tends towards the Crossed out ("/S/") representation of the expertise ("S1").

The "+1" dimension is seen on the full version of Freud's schema (which shows Lacan's limitation in the three dimensional - borromean - complex; above). The following graph shows the 'green' opening to the Environmental space/concept (sparing all 'super' renforcement of the ego) which supports an Ideal-nature reconnection.

comment : ...In Freud's Model, a connexion with the Environment (x) shows an opportnity to escape the super-egotisation cycle -  there Transference is shown allowing Nature & Ideal to mate. This (Ideal, Environment, x, exterior) new circuit becomes Ecology when the correspondent Expertise is Cybernetical.




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