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Origin and Consequences.

Author : Zenon Kelper

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The Name in consciousness follows a logic which can be defined as:

Anticipated Assertion of Certainty<2-link>

It is an impressive titled for it is (Re: Anticipation) also related to the conception of time.

Genetics, from the 20th century, has greatly improved our acknowledgement of this. Especially since it can be read with the Lacanian Psychoanalytical interpretation.

The explaination starts with Lacan's thesis which defines the linguistic dimension (Space & Time alias Topology & Chronology) rather simply:

This means that a first Significand (S1) precedes a second one. (thinking twice about it, Lacan, defined S1 as the Master Significant and S2 as Knowledge - this will recall something in our cultural memory about Master and Slave - Re: Philosophy, Socrates, cave etc...). As Lacan was extracting his linguistic from the so-called founder of Linguistic (e.g. Saussure), the writing of his formula became actually somewhat puzzled:

To Saussure, the shadowed signified 's, s', s'', s...'  - PLURAL - which run
under the Significands level was the Real of the "meant,"
Lacan distinguished some Thing, between the Significand and the signified,
there (arrow pic:above; squared-point pic:below) he saw the
mysterious Real<3-link>.
Then Verdiglione called it the seeming.

Thinking again about all this, Lacan noticed that, amongst the signified ('s'), there were also the Significand (S) itself... (for a Significand can signify a Significand).

For instance a First Significand can signify a Second Significand, while the Second Significand continue to signify what it means. (evidently, in this case, the arrow in the schema does not know where to point - so Lacan wrote it as a complexed squared point<2-link> alias "poincon": <>):

This is the formula of that which Lacan called a METAPHORE.
(Lacan assumed that it is also a Condensation in Freudian terms)

Its logic reverses the expected view for it defines

the signified ( s' ) as produced (product).

This is simply explained when it is illustrated by Genetics:

Genetics enters Lacanian linguistics if we notice that - although theorically similar, the two S2s of the Metaphore are slightly different (see Lacan, for instance when he notices that the significand "lie" is slightly<2-link> moved towards Truth when someone says 'I lie'). This distinction drawn within the Significand is representend by the METONYMIC, the second Lacanian major linguistic formula :

According to Lacan, this was also able to represent the Displacement in Freudian terms.
Yet, the slight distinction which lodges within the METONYMIC may be illustrated in a second dimension (time;ordinate; Y axis), which suits to Genetics example.

This representation of the metonymic thread indicates its difference dimension ('slight<2-link> difference' also described as split) by a vertical axis as well as an alteration of the complexed squared point<3-link> know as the Fantasm (in Lacanian terms). It illustrates the transition of the Metonymic into the Metaphor (Patronymic)

The 'f ' <2-link> (that I called elsewhere skewer) which points to this algorythm on the schema (above), indicates also the coil of the most selfish gene that Genetics discovered as the Y chromosome. For this father-to-son transmitted DNA passes through the male bodies along Time and generations, as the METONYMIC through the fantasm - alias as the PATRONYMIC through the filiation (body chain) - [NOTE the patronymic is then after represented in Metaphor]

This is shown by Lacan, with its formula of the Name-of-the-Father.
It shows how the Y chromosome matches a certain state of the Significand, namely the Name.
As a Significand, it is repressed (see Dawkins, Badinter & Co),
as signified, its Significand (N; Name of the name) asserts it with anticipation<2-link>

- as history shows, since the Patronymic preceded its discovery (Genetics) -
Eventually, the product of the Metaphore must be acknowledged as our present Cybernetics.

This is the Two-Things articulation (Symbol, Name & Cipher, Code) presented by Lacan's formula of the Father's Metaphore. If the product (in accordance with the same Lacanian topology) may be obviously opportune for the 'n' meaning 'plural' (the same plural that in PLAN, Plural Analysis) it is also the place of the Artificial Intelligence. If it is not also obvious, take some time in studying really So at that point, it is possible to head towards new explorations:

One of the most useful look is at the fantasm - where the ego (Freud), alias seeming (Verdiglione) alias meme (Dawkins; for behind his repressure, Dawkins brought the concept than Verdiglione extracted also from Psychoanalysis (as Galileo did with the Center of Gravity - abstract point of Dynamism - from Copernicu's acknowledgement of Earth's motion)) - which makes the argument of the most friendly freudian site.

This page has described it as  complex squared point<3-link> also marked from a dimension. Following Lacan's intuition, I shall represent it hereby - yet understanding that it cannot be understood - it is part of the game - as the imaginary starter for a knoting which calls for the thread of Y's coil, to make the male implication in Freudian's libido.

a) covering of "<" by ">" seen through the

b) sphynx-ter before the

c) skewered split ... (as 'f ' <2-link>).

When Art is Friend with Truth

Lacan and Dali were friends who probably exchanged information about their intellectual journey, when Dali proposed his diagram of the inner workings of the Paranoid-Critical Method: limp, unprovable conjectures generated through the deliberate simulation of paranoiac thought processes, supported (made critical) by the 'crutches' of Cartesian rationality. see Dali and genital anatomy

pic: Dali's diagram of the Paranoid-Critical Method at work
as diagram of reinforced concrete construction

NOTE; the possibility for Paranoid-Critics lays in the Paranoid Foundation of the human personality which grounds the Lacanian theory .




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